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One-Stop Shop

Here at Frontenac Cycle in Kingston, ON, we don’t just sell bikes. We provide comprehensive services such as tune-ups, repairs, and bike security. Also, check out our biking accessories such as helmets, gloves, lights, locks, baskets/racks, and carriers.

List of Services

Tune-Up and Repairs: Keeping your bike in good working order is crucial to keeping it safe, and will help it last you for as long as possible. Our bike mechanics are capable of fixing any problem you may have, and are highly experienced in dealing with different styles and models. You can call us for quote, but often we like to take a look at your bike before since some jobs require more attention than others.

Free Air: Feeling a bit deflated? We offer free tire air services to all our biker friends.

Yellow Bike Action: We work closely with this community bike project to promote cycling in our city. If you wish to contribute to this worthwhile endeavour, please feel free to drop off items at our store.

Police Bike Watch: We coordinate with the Kingston Police Department to help reduce bike theft in the city. Ask us for more information about registering your bike through the department’s Bike Watch program.

List of Accessories



Bike Racks/Carriers


Saddle Bags/Backpacks

Gloves/Lights/Spare Parts

We always do our best to stock up on all the items we think you’ll need. In case you don’t see them listed here, just ask us and we’ll either order them or point you in the right direction. You can also inquire about our Yakima roof racks and boxes!