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One-Stop Shop

Here at Frontenac Cycle, we don’t just sell bikes. Any bike you purchase from us comes with one year free service which includes a basic tune up, adjustments to your gears and brakes as the cables stretch, and a bike fitting so that you are riding comfortably.

Our mechanics do a wide range of repairs from small adjustments to basic tune-ups to full overhauls. So come on by the shop, talk with us so that we can diagnose your bike and work with you to figure out which level of service works best for you.

List of Services

Tune-up ($60-70 – depending on the condition of the bike)

Includes adjustment of brakes and gears, basic bike cleaning, and a safety check to get you riding smoothly on the road.

*Parts not included in price*

Overhaul ($100-140 – depending on the condition of the bike)

Bottom bracket, wheel hubs, and headset bearings checked and regreased (if necessary). Bike thoroughly cleaned with the proper adjustments to make the bike feel like it is brand new.

*Parts not included in price*

Flat fix/tire change:                $8 plus price of tube

Truing a wheel:                       $15-30 (spokes are $2 each)

Boxing a bike:                         $30 (boxes are free)

Assembling a bike:                 $50-60

Pumping up tires:                   FREE!

Bike maintenance lessons…  in the works…

We offer many more services than these so feel free to give us a call or drop by the shop so we can help you get on the road!

Bike Safety: We carry a variety of locks and bike security accessories that can significantly reduce the chances of your bike getting stolen.

Police Bike Watch: We also highly encourage you to register your bike with the Kingston Police Bike Watch program. It logs your bike on the police’s system and helps them return it to you if your bike is ever stolen.

List of Accessories



Bike Racks/Carriers


Saddle Bags/Backpacks

Gloves/Lights/Spare Parts

We always do our best to stock up on all the items we think you’ll need. In case you don’t see them listed here, just ask us and we’ll either order them or point you in the right direction. You can also inquire about our Yakima roof racks and boxes!