Bikes for All Seasons (and Reasons)

Here at Frontenac Cycle, we take pride in our inventory of bicycles. We aim to cater to all kinds of cyclists with bike models that are of the best quality – many manufactured by Canadian companies.


Hybrid bikes are extremely versatile and can withstand a wide range of riding conditions. These bikes are particularly popular among urban commuters and casual riders because of their stability, comfort, and ease of use.

Norco Hybrids: VFR, Indie, Scene

Opus Hybrids: Orpheo, Classico


For those who look for the thrill of the trail. Our mountain bikes will ensure that you have the ride of your life every time you ride out on the trails.

Norco Mountain Bikes: Optic, Fluid, Storm

Rocky Mountain Bikes: Thunderbolt, Instinct, Soul, Fusion


Cyclocross bikes are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. The greater wheel clearance and high bottom bracket in our cyclocross bikes are sure to provide cyclists with a solid and fast ride through trails.

Cyclocross: Threshold

Gravel bikes are a cross between cyclocross bikes and endurance road bikes. These bikes are perfect for those who want to go on multi-terrain adventures through gravel roads and light trails.

Gravel: Search, Solo, Spark


Road bikes are built for speed. The lightweight frame of a road bike keeps the rider from hauling large loads. The thin tires reduce road resistance for an improved and speedy ride. The drop handlebars allow for multiple handling positions and improved comfort. Whether you’re looking to start racing competitively or going for a long ride on a quiet highway, our road bikes are sure to make you reach your destination fast.

Norco Road Bikes: Section, Valence


We have bikes for every type of rider, even those who are just learning to walk. Check out our selection of kids’ bikes so that your children will be encouraged to become lifelong cyclists!

Norco Kids’ Bikes: Roller, Storm

Rocky Kid’s Bikes: Edge

All of these bikes and more available at Frontenac Cycle!

For more information, please contact us or check out our suppliers’ websites:

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We can also order other models depending on what is available from our distributors

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